We are the official dealer of Compel Rail a.s. in the Russian Federation and CIS countries


Engineering Service-Putmash LLC is a production and commercial company that provides a wide range of scientific and technical services to enterprises in various fields of activity.


The team of Engineering Service-Putmash LLC consists of qualified, conscientious, purposeful specialists in the field of transport engineering, forming an alloy of young and experienced employees who have worked for more than a dozen years at repair enterprises and in the operational structures of railway transport and other industries.


The main activity of the company is related to major repairs and maintenance of various types of track machines that are used on the Russian Railways network for current maintenance and major repairs of the track.

are used in the railway systems, and are self-propelled track vacuum machines when in operation

COMPELVAC 250 MD is designed for special-purpose work in hard-to-reach places, where it is impossible to use other construction equipment, such as:


are used in places where material removal areas are clearly fixed and it is unreasonable to use mobile vacuum pneumatic loaders.