We are the official dealer of Compel Rail a.s. in the Russian Federation and CIS countries

COMPELVAC Track Vacuum Loaders

COMPELVAC 250 RD and 500 RD (FATRAVAC 17000/U) are used in the railway systems, and are self-propelled track vacuum machines when in operation


To perform the following operations:


◊   Cleaning of dry and wet material from the railway line;

◊   Performing preparatory work before using the machines

for cleaning crushed stone;

◊   Removal of contaminated gravel without removing assembled rails and sleepers on

turnouts, bridges, etc;

◊   Removal of silting deposits of water passages and cleaning of drainage channels

of the railway track;

◊   Cable trenching or drainage channelling;

◊   Digging holes for concrete pole bases;

◊   Removal of set of railway junction tracks;

◊   Relieving the consequences of environmental incidents on railway lines;

◊   Opening of the cable underground distributions;

◊   Cleaning and offloading of wagons and railway platforms.


COMPELVAC 250 RD and 500 RD (FATRAVAC 17000/U)