We are the official dealer of Compel Rail a.s. in the Russian Federation and CIS countries

High-Pressure Hoses

Advantages of ordering with us:

◊   Multipurposeness, applicability in a variety of hydraulic equipment and special equipment. 

It is possible to manufacture narrowly-specialized high-pressure hoses according to non-standard drawings.


◊   Supply of hydraulic media. High pressure hoses are designed for a variety of substances, from industrial water and antifreeze to oil and cement mortars. Even aggressive liquids are of no exceptions.


◊   Ease of operation. High-pressure hoses are assembled using high-quality fittings, adapters, crimp couplings and quick-release couplings. They are not subject to corrosion and have a long service life.


◊   Compliance with international standards: DIN EN 853, 855, 856. The high quality of high-pressure hoses is confirmed by the trust of our established customers.


◊   Higher resistance to abrasion. High-pressure hoses are not susceptible to mechanical damage, and are characterized by good elasticity. Reinforced

 multilayer walls can cope even with very gross external effects.


◊   Wide temperature limits. High-pressure hoses can easily withstand temperature from -50 to +60°C.


◊   High-pressure hoses are designed in full compliance with customer drawings. High accuracy of geometric characteristics.


◊   All our products and services are covered by the official quality guarantee.


◊   The composition and names of fittings, adapters, quick-release couplings and other fittings are agreed individually with the customer.


◊   European materials used comply with international standards.


◊   Delivery is performed to all regions of the Russian Federation.