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Stationary Vacuum Loaders

They are used in places where material removal areas are clearly fixed and it is unreasonable to use mobile vacuum pneumatic loaders.


Suction material flows through pipelines into a container with a cyclone separator.


Basic air cleaned from the suction material passes into the filter cabinet (primary filtration), then to the safety filter (secondary filtration) and is discharged into the atmosphere through the vacuum pump.


After loading the railroad car with coal and weighing it, situations may occur when the weight exceeds the permissible loading rate. In these situations manual labour takes a lot of extra time and costs.


To increase efficiency, we offer a range of equipment that allows you to effectively remove excessively loaded coal from the railroad car, and perform additional loading if the car is improperly loaded where it is possible to install a hopper above the cars.


The complex consists of a 160 kW ROOTS type vacuum pump, a container hopper with scales, manipulators with suction connections, a filter system and pipelines.

Storage bin