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Vacuum Wheeled Loader


It is designed for special-purpose work in hard-to-reach places, where it is impossible to use other construction equipment, such as:


◊   Cleaning of crushed stone, dry or wet soil, sediment;

◊   Cleaning of liquid or semi-liquid mixtures;

◊   Cleaning of crushed stone, soil without damage to utilities;

◊   Cleaning of drainage channels, holes, sewage pipelines;

◊   Cleaning of horizontal sewage pipelines from accumulated sediment;

◊   Cleaning of road ditches, sedimentation pits, drainage channels;

◊   Cleaning of measuring wells for water leakage in artificial dams;

◊   Cleaning of sumps in depths from -8 to -20 m;

◊   Cleaning of wagons, truck platforms after transporting polluting

materials or animals;

◊   Cleaning up the consequences of environmental accidents;

◊   Cleaning of hard-to-reach spots in processing and cement plants.



Vacuum Wheeled Loader COMPELVAC 250 MD

Testing of the Vacuum Wheeled Loader